What is a Hackathon?


Hackathons promote learning by giving individuals the space to test out new software or experiment with hardware. With workshops for beginners and experienced hackers alike, you'll come away from GrizzHacks know something brand new!


Hackathons are all about developing your ideas. Whether that means using a new API or wiring up a rubber duck (check it out here!), you'll have 36 hours dedicated to prototyping a project of your design.

Career Building

Hackathons are organized by students and sponsored by various industry groups. This means that those groups believe in the hard work hackers put in. From sponsorship expos to discussion groups, hackathons are an excellent way to show off your skills to your next possible employeer.

Overview of GrizzHacks 5

GrizzHacks will bring together the greatest young minds for 36 hours of excitement and technological passion. Compete against your peers and other guests in a two day development challenge!

There will also be plenty of time to interact with professional mentors and engineers, meet recruiters, and listen to great tech talks and tutorials from sponsors.

When and Where is GrizzHacks 5

Join us for 36 straight hours of hacking from Friday, September 18th to Sunday, September 20th. The competition will take place from the comfort of your home!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is GrizzHacks 5?

GrizzHacks 5 is the fifth hackathon held at Oakland University. A hackathon is an opportunity for students to create incredible hardware and software projects from the bottom up in one weekend. A team of passionate sponsors and mentors is brought in to help students achieve their goals. Come join almost 300 students and local industry professionals for 36 hours of learning and technological passion.

Who Can Participate?

GrizzHacks is open to all graduate, undergraduate, high school, and middle school students, as well as those who have graduated within the last calendar year. You don’t need to be an engineering major; If you have a passion for technology and the drive to change the world, you belong at GrizzHacks.

What If I'm New To This?

While it can be helpful, no previous programming/engineering experience is required at GrizzHacks. We will have presentations from sponsors, and mentors available to help you with your project. Every student who attends a hackathon leaves with a wealth of new knowledge, regardless of what they came with. Bring an open mind and be ready to learn, we’ll help you through the rest.

I Don't Have A Team Or An Idea!

Just like having previous knowledge, having a team or an idea is not a requirement either! We will have an opportunity for team building and allow you to meet new people to work with. There will be a number of presentations to help inspire you with an idea; we know you’ll build something great!

How Do I Get To GrizzHacks?

GrizzHacks will be held online this year! You can join from the comfort of your own home.

How Much Will GrizzHacks Cost Me?

GrizzHacks is absolutely free! There is no charge for attending GrizzHacks.

How Many People Can Be On My Team?

Teams can range from one to four people. You can work with your best friends from class, or with someone you just met during the opening ceremony! Working alone is allowed, but in our experience, a hackathon is always more fun collaborating with someone else.

What Do I Need to Participate?

The most important items to bring are your laptop, charger, and snacks. If you plan to work on a hardware project, have on hand any necessary parts as well.

Can I Start On My Hack Before The Event?

Students are not allowed to begin progress on their hack before GrizzHacks. However, the use of third-party APIs and libraries is allowed and encouraged. We also encourage you to be familiar with the tools you plan to use at the event, such as a specific programming language, as long as it is not a part of your hack.

How Does Judging Work?

A panel of to-be-determined judges will assess your hacks creativity, difficulty, design, and potential. Ten hacks will be selected for a demo in front of the entire GrizzHacks audience for a final round of judging. Stay tuned to see who our judges are!

I Have More Questions!

Feel free to reach out to us at grizzhacksou@gmail.com, Twitter, or Facebook.

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